What is Briffidi? It’s a nonsense word, pronounced similar to graffiti, that loosely represents Brian Fitzpatrick Designs. I’m a mechanical engineer and recreational tennis player, and I had an idea for a swingweight machine that I developed into the SW1. I manufacture and ship from Texas, USA. I’m somewhat active on the Talk Tennis forums as @bfroxen. Briffidi is a side gig, but I aim to be responsive outside of normal business hours. To contact me, send a message to support@briffidi.com.

Are you concerned about buying from a very small business? I understand. I hope to continue producing and selling the SW1, but if something changes, it will still work. The app will continue to function; it does not contact a backend server. And, if the SW1 will no longer be supported, I will publish the app source code and the hardware design.