Briffidi BP1 Racquet Balance Device

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Package Contents

  • BP1 device

You Will Need

  • A scale with 1 gram or better resolution. The BP1 adjusts for scales with a platform height of 12 to 22 mm (0.47 to 0.86″). Scales with higher platforms can be used, but the other end of the BP1 must be raised with a suitable object (i.e., a book). A scale resolution of 0.1 grams or better is recommended. If you need a scale, this one and others like it have a suitable platform height, are inexpensive, and work well.
  • A smartphone or tablet (iOS 14+ or Android 8.1+)



  1. Install the Briffidi BP1 app (available free in the Apple App Store and Google Play).
  2. Separate the two halves of the BP1, align the pins, and press the halves together.
  3. Fold out the support arms.
  4. Place the BP1 on a flat surface next to your scale and adjust the handle support height until the adjuster surface (not the ball) just touches the scale platform.
  5. Place the handle end support ball on the scale platform and set the empty BP1 weight in the app.


  1. Measure and set the weight of the racquet.
  2. Place the racquet on the BP1 and set the weight of the loaded BP1.
  3. The balance point will be displayed. Double-tapping the result will copy it to the clipboard.


  1. Fold in the support arms.
  2. If a smaller size is desired, pull the two halves of the BP1 straight apart, place the head end of the BP1 on top of the scale end with the offset support extending through the opening closest to the joint, and press together.

Check out the Briffidi BP1 catalog page for additional information.