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The Pickleball Adapter Five for SW1 enables an SW1 Swingweight Machine to measure the swingweight of pickleball paddles at 5 cm from the end of the handle. The adapter fits into the SW1 with locating tabs to ensure precise positioning, and the paddle mounts into the adapter. A tare feature in the SW1 companion apps (available for iOS and Android) subtracts the adapter to give direct paddle measurements. The SW1 is linear over a broad measurement range, so accuracy in the range of paddles is uncompromised.

I originally offered both 5 cm and 0 cm adapters. The 5 cm adapter is used by Pickleball Studio and most other paddle reviewers. It mimics rotation of the paddle about the axis of forearm pronation and supination. The 0 cm adapter is still available but not listed elsewhere, as the 5 cm adapter was much more popular.

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