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The Pickleball Adapter Zero for SW1 enables an SW1 Swingweight Machine to measure the swingweight of pickleball paddles at the end of the handle. The adapter fits into the SW1 with locating tabs to ensure precise positioning, and the paddle mounts into the adapter. The Pickleball Adapter Five for SW1 is also available.

A tare feature in the SW1 companion apps (available for iOS and Android) subtracts the adapter to give direct paddle measurements. The SW1 is linear over a broad measurement range, so accuracy in the range of paddles is uncompromised.

Which Adapter Should I Choose?

If you’re not sure, choose the 5 cm adapter. Through the end of November, 2023, the 5 cm adapter has outsold the 0 cm adapter by 5-to-1.

The pivot location doesn’t matter much. The Pickleball Studio data was measured with a Briffidi SW1 and 5 cm adapter. The Tennis Warehouse University data was measured at 0 cm. Paddles matched at 5 cm will match at 0 cm and vice versa, and a paddle with higher relative swingweight at 5 cm will generally have a higher relative swingweight at 0 cm. If static mass and balance point measurements are available, a swingweight measurement at one location can be converted to any other location using the parallel axis theorem.

Personally, I like the 5 cm adapter best. It mimics rotation of the paddle about the axis of forearm pronation and supination. It also slightly reduces the effect of air resistance on the measurements, as the end of the paddle swings through a shorter arc. Lastly, it fits more cleanly into the SW1 without overhanging the front. The 0 cm adapter more closely mimics rotation of the paddle due to wrist flexion and extension.


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