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I’m making an initial batch of Twistweight Adapters available at an introductory price. Sales are limited to customers who’ve previously purchased an SW1 and who are located in the USA. I have tested the product extensively, and I’ve had a couple others using it (one customizes for players on the ATP Tour), but I want to ensure that I discover and fix any issues before opening it up to new or international customers.

The Twistweight Adapter for SW1 enables an SW1 Racquet Swingweight Machine to measure the twistweight of a racquet by oscillating it about the handle axis. Please watch the how-to video below (or on YouTube) to see how it works. Measuring twistweight precisely just became easy!

I’ve personally tested the adapter with racquets from a wooden Wilson Chris Evert Special Edition to a Head Microgel Radical Oversize. It should work with all typical tennis racquets, but some extreme racquets may not mount securely.

Like the SW1, the plastic components of the Twistweight Adapter are 3D printed from PETG. The motion system components are stainless steel.

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