Racquet Twistweight Adapter for SW1 (Original)

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The new Twistweight Adapter for SW1 is now available. This product is still available to purchase for measurement of racquets with non-standard handles or other applications.

The Twistweight Adapter for SW1 enables an SW1 Racquet Swingweight Machine to measure the twistweight of a racquet by oscillating it about the handle axis. Please watch the how-to video below (or on YouTube) to see how it works. Measuring twistweight precisely just became easy!

I’ve personally tested the adapter with racquets from a wooden Wilson Chris Evert Special Edition to a Head Microgel Radical Oversize. It should work with all typical tennis racquets, but some extreme racquets may not mount securely.

Will it work with pickleball paddles? Yes, most paddles fit with a simple hack. See this short video on Instagram. If you’d like a set of the silicone bumpers shown in the video, just ask in the order comments. Additional build-up may be required for thin paddles or those without an edge guard.

Like the SW1, the plastic components of the Twistweight Adapter are 3D printed from PETG. The motion system components are stainless steel.

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4.5 in

4 reviews for Racquet Twistweight Adapter for SW1 (Original)

  1. Ben (verified owner)

    This adapter and the SW1 allow for the most accurate and precise means of measuring racquet twistweight available to the retail market today. It is certainly a more elegant solution than the horizontal hanging rig described in “The Physics and Technology of Tennis”!
    Most other machines calculate twistweight by subtracting swingweight from spinweight, which can be close; but no where near as accurate as this adapter on an SW1.
    One can’t help but marvel at the concept, design and implementation of this twistweight adapter!

  2. Matthew Cone (verified owner)

    Very well made and works perfectly with the the SW1. This takes the guesswork, time, and faulty guesswork out of racquet weight additions. Highly recommend! With this tool, now it is possible to measure twistweight in addition to both swingweights. Love it!

    • Brian Fitzpatrick

      Thanks for the review, Matthew

  3. brooks.banks (verified owner)

    Didn’t even know this was an option until seeing something posted about it on TTW. I had been measuring the Swing Weight, then Spin Weight, and calculating twistweight from there. Not perfect, but I guess that was close. Now, I get exact measurements in a jiffy. Now that I own the entire family of Briffidi products, I can do everything an RDC machine can do (except measure flex) and more (it doesn’t measure twist weight). Plus, with a handy recoil weight calculator I found, I can also measure recoil weight. The engineer in me is giddy.

  4. Stefan Wagen (verified owner)

    Great design, top quality, easy to use.
    Valuable addition to the SW1 to measure Twistweight, something I have totally disregarded in the past.

    • Brian Fitzpatrick

      Thanks, Stefan

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