Briffidi Twistweight Adapter for SW1

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Package Contents

  • Twistweight Adapter for SW1

You Will Need

Get Started

  1. Level and calibrate the SW1 using the standard procedures.
  2. Mount the adapter into the cradle of the SW1 and tighten the strap.
  3. Push the collet about halfway down.
  4. Take a measurement and activate the Tare button (filled when active) to zero out the adapter.
  5. Pull the collet up to the top.
  6. Install the racquet handle into the adapter with the strings aligned with the length of the cradle.
  7. Push down on the collet tabs to clamp the racquet. Ensure that the end of the racquet is seated against the bottom of the adapter.
  8. Measure the twistweight of the racquet. (A display resolution of 0.1 kg·cm² is recommended and can be set on the Settings page.)
  9. To remove the racquet, hold the adapter with one hand and pull the racquet straight up.

Check out the Briffidi Twistweight Adapter for SW1 catalog page for additional information.